What is Green Coffee, how to use it and what is it for

green coffee

Green coffee is considered an excellent food supplement rich in chlorogenic acid and caffeine, has antioxidant and thermogenic properties, acts by stimulating metabolism and causing the body to use more energy even at rest, in addition to hinder the absorption of fat, being indicated for weight loss. Additionally, green coffee helps reduce glucose absorption after meals, which can help regulate blood sugar levels.

This food supplement is prepared with green coffee beans that have not been roasted, which allows it to maintain a greater amount of its active substances, especially chlorogenic acid, which are lost when the beans are roasted, and can be found in product stores. natural products, pharmacies or drugstores in the form of capsules.

After all, what is green coffee?

The great differential of green coffee is that, before going through the roasting process, it is stored in closed containers for a long time. Therefore, its bean is less aromatic and has a more bitter taste than the common coffee bean. Its production process is relatively simple: after cultivation, the grains are harvested, subjected to washing, drying, storage and packaging processes. During these stages, the green coffee does not lose its properties (as it happens with the common roasted coffee). Therefore, it has a higher nutrient content and tends to bring more benefits to the body.

What is it for

The green coffee supplement has antioxidant and thermogenic properties, especially due to the chlorogenic acid present in its composition and, therefore, can be indicated to help in the treatment of obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure in mild hypertensive patients.

In addition, because it contains caffeine, green coffee can help improve mood, a sense of well-being and reduce drowsiness and tiredness.

green coffee


Prevents type 2 diabetes

It is precisely because of chlorogenic acid – together with magnesium – that coffee consumption is associated with the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Among the benefits of coffee is the 35% reduction in the possibility of people who drink at least 2 cups of the drink a day developing diabetes, according to a survey carried out with people from the United States, Europe and Asia.

Helps in burning fats

That’s right! Chlorogenic acid can be an excellent ally in the weight loss phase and helps burn fat. That’s because it helps speed up metabolism, prevents the body from using sugar as a source of energy and prevents fat absorption.

Regulates blood pressure

As long as it is consumed in the amount recommended by the doctor, chlorogenic acid has an “antihypertensive” action and acts on nitric oxide, relaxing blood vessels and reducing blood pressure.

Therefore, it can be used as a complementary treatment in cases of hypertension.

Helps control cholesterol

Chlorogenic acid helps control LDL, also called “bad cholesterol”, preventing fatty plaques from accumulating in the arteries. In addition, it also increases levels of HDL, the “good cholesterol”.

Fat burning

Green coffee has higher levels of caffeine than the roasted grain (black coffee) used to prepare the drink and, therefore, its thermogenic effect is greater. That is, its ability to produce heat and accelerate the body’s metabolism increases the consumption of fats, preventing them from being deposited as reserves.

For this reason, it is used as an aid in weight reduction programs, by reducing the fat stored by the body.

Inhibition of free radicals

Free radicals result from the body’s metabolism and play an important role in physiology. However, their excess can be very harmful, especially because they accelerate tissue aging processes.

Green coffee, in turn, is rich in antioxidant substances, which deactivate the action of free radicals. For this reason, its consumption offers the benefit of promoting an auxiliary cleaning in the process of eliminating these radicals.

Blood sugar reduction

A substance called chlorogenic acid is present in green coffee in amounts twice as high as in black coffee. Its intake promotes a reduction in the amount of glucose absorbed by the intestine, which results in lower rates of this blood sugar. This is an important effect in cases of diabetes.

Furthermore, by limiting the use of sugars from food, chlorogenic acid induces the use of fats stored in the body in order to produce the necessary energy.

Increased disposition for activities

There is a neurotransmitter in the brain called adenosine, which is responsible for the feeling of drowsiness, from the beginning of an activity to the extreme of exhaustion. Throughout the day, due to waking hours, this substance accumulates in the brain chemistry, producing tiredness and the desire to sleep.

Caffeine occupies the same space as adenosine, preventing the effect of its accumulation from being perceived by the brain. In this way, the consumption of green coffee keeps the body awake and ready for longer.

Detoxification of the organism

Most of the body’s detoxifying activities are carried out by the liver, which performs this activity mainly through the enzymes produced in its cells. In this sense, an important multifunctional enzyme responsible for detoxification work is GST (glutathione S-transferase).

In turn, green coffee has appreciable amounts of cafestol and caveol. These substances act on the GST, stimulating its activity and helping the liver in its cleaning and body protection routine.

To obtain these benefits from green coffee, always follow the advice of a qualified professional.


Does Chlorogenic Acid Lose Weight?

In fact, it assists in weight loss, however, alone, it is not able to lose weight. The compost needs to be allied to an adequate diet, physical exercises and medical follow-up.

What it does is make the body healthier, help burn fat, speed up metabolism and prevent fat absorption.

Another important point is that chlorogenic acid does not allow the body to use sugars as a source of energy. Thus, the body needs to draw energy from the body’s own fat stores.

Is chlorogenic acid harmful? What are the side effects?

When consumed at adequate levels, chlorogenic acid is harmless and does not cause side effects. On the contrary! It can be extremely beneficial to health, as we explained above.

However, when consumed in excess, the compound can cause stomach pain due to its laxative effect. In that case, it can also cause palpitations or acceleration of blood circulation. Therefore, always consume in the appropriate amount and according to the recommendations.

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